Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Provider?

Third Party Logistics providers offer fully managed logistic solutions for e-commerce businesses. This includes storage, warehousing, pick and pack and shipment with the world's leading couriers. We use an advanced order management system to manage inventory, orders and returns with real-time updates to streamline your business. We customise our solutions to your business needs so that we can cater efficiently for your customers.

Why should you outsource your fulfilment?

One of the greatest challenges e-commerce companies face is scalability. Keeping your fulfilment in-house will increase your expenditure to maintain storage, pick and pack, and shipment services. By outsourcing your fulfilment, GRL will store, pack and ship your products using leading couriers allowing you to have more time to invest in your business. With 99.9% picking accuracy and 98% of orders ready for same-day dispatch, you'll never have to worry about the logistics again.

How do you use our Order Management System (OMS)?

Our leading order management system allows your business to integrate with ours to streamline your production with real-time updates, inventory management and easy to follow software. For further insight or to receive a live demo, contact us today.

How much do our logistics service cost?

Our pricing is tailored to your businesses needs. We ensure the end-to-end solution we create puts your business in a prime position for growth and scalability. We cater to your requirements from storage facilities to branded packaging. To discover the perfect solution for your online store, contact us today.

Can you exclude any couriers or express a preference for a courier?

We have a trusted relationship with the UK's leading couriers. Therefore, you can use the couriers you love and ensure you receive the best price for your shipment. This will all be available for you to decide through our OMS.

What logistics services do we offer?

We offer a range of logistic solutions including national fulfilment, international and domestic shipping and return management. We create customised solutions for each of our clients, so we can create the right solution for you and your customers, no matter your needs. Discover our current solutionstoday.

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